Planning a Walk

Walking the South Telford Heritage Trail


Whether you want to enjoy a walk through some of the most beautiful countryside in South Telford, or just view the remains of some of our industrial heritage, the South Telford Heritage Trail offers you a number of options.

It can be walked in its entirety in 5-6 hours or it can be tackled in bite-sized sections. The decision is yours.


Route Details at a Glance


OS Map Explorer Sheet 242:Telford, Ironbridge & The Wrekin,1:25,000 scale
Trail markedWay Marker Discs on posts and lamp posts
Distance12 miles (20kms)
Time5-6 hours to complete
TerrainA mixture of town and countryside paths and roads, woodland tracks, some steep ascents and steps.
CautionRoads to cross, steep climbs, rough tracks, railway crossing, slippery steps, no footpath on roads, stiles and gates.
RefreshmentsPubs and cafes at various locations on or close to the Trail.
HighlightsTown Park, 49 Heritage sites, woodlands, pools and the Ironbridge Gorge


Finding Your Way Around


South Telford Heritage Trail Way Marker Disc

The South Telford Heritage trail is easy to find. Just look out for the unique South Telford Heritage Trail logo on way marker discs and posts and follow the direction arrows.  


The Trail is marked in both a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Walking directions are available for a clockwise route only.


Tip: Always look for a way marker disc when you reach a path, road or track junction. This may be on a wooden post, lamp post or other obvious feature. If you are unsure consult the walking directions. If no disc can be found and you do not have the directions, carry on along the most obvious option. If you do not find another disc within 5 minutes, turn back and try the alternative path.


Walking Directions


For ease of use, the Trail has been spread across 4 web maps and the walking directions broken up into 8 short sections. The shortest section (No 2) is just under 1 mile and the longest (No.3) just over 2 miles. The walking directions for each section will take you in a clockwise route around the trail from heritage site to heritage site.

Each map shows the route of the Trail and heritage sites numbered 1 to 49, along with the symbols for parking, museums and refreshments.



Selecting a Start/Finish Point

You need to decide how long you wish to walk for and where you want to walk to and from. Each of the walking sections includes information to help you plan your walk.


There is no single start or finish point as you can pick up the trail at any of the numbered heritage sites along its route. Some recommended start points are:

Once you have chosen where to start from then you can print out the complete walking instructions along with the maps or select the individual maps and sections you require.


Route Planner 


The route planner tool on the map pages will measure the time and distance between the heritage sites. It is a ready reckoner based on an average walking speed of 3 miles(5kms) per hour. It will assume you are walking the complete trail and will therefore take this into account  when calculating the distance between sites. It does not allow for short cuts.


Enjoy your walk.